Covered Deck Design Plans & Patio Deck Coverings

Covered Deck Design Plans & Patio Deck Coverings

Covered decks are becoming an increasingly popular choice for homeowners that desire a balance of beautiful outside architecture and functionality. Regardless of the type of deck covering included, such structures are not only visually appealing, they also provide shade in the summer and shelter from the rain or snow.

The greatest advantage of patio and deck covers is that they allow you to use the space even when the weather is less than ideal. Additionally, they serve to protect the wood or decking material that comprises the floor from wear and tear.

Covered Deck Plans from ROYAL Decks Co.

The design of a covered deck will depend on a number of factors, including the space and the existing aesthetic of the outdoor space. That’s why ROYAL Decks Co. provides custom covered deck design plans, drafted specially to integrate seamlessly into your backyard area.

Whether you need a wraparound deck, a multi-level deck, a floating deck or beyond, we will work with you to create the design that perfectly suits your desires and your space. Our custom covered decks offer a range of colour, material and architectural options that allow you to get a truly custom build.

Do you desire a beautiful covered deck that adds value and beauty to your backyard getaway? ROYAL Decks Co. will work with you to draft the covered deck design plan that perfectly suits your needs. Call 1-866-399-4616 today!
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