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Shadefx Canopy Systems & Pergola Canopies

Do you have the desire to protect your outdoor living space from the sun and rain? With a ShadeFX canopy system from ROYAL Decks, you can. ShadeFX canopies are perfect for both homes and business, allowing you to maximize your outdoor space, whether it be a deck, patio or outdoor dining and serving area. Built using a unique single-track canopy system, ShadeFX canopies will help you turn your beautiful outdoor deck into the entertainment centre for your family and guests. And, ShadeFX products can be used on any deck frame or pergola, regardless of style or size.

The Benefits of ShadeFX Canopy Systems

  • Protection from the elements: ShadeFX canopies are fully retractable and equipped to cover large or small areas. Protect your guests, yourself and your furniture from sun and rain and fully enjoy your outdoor living space.
  • Flexible application: Can’t find an awning that works for you? ShadeFX canopy systems are compatible with every style of pergola, deck, trellis or other structure. And best of all, they are easy to install!
  • Style and Durability: Custom designed to match your existing space and strong enough to withstand most winds and heavy rain, ShadeFX canopies will exceed both your aesthetic and structural expectations.
  • Specially Designed Pergola Kits: ShadeFX pergola canopy kits are specifically designed to complement your existing pergola, complete with retractable canopy, privacy curtains and more.

Create the beautiful outdoor space you’ve always wanted with ROYAL Decks. Whether custom decks, pergolas, ShadeFX canopy systems, or a combination of the three, our craftsmanship and expertise will help you achieve the outdoor area of your dreams! Customize your space today & call 1-866-399-4616 for a free quote!

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