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Front Yard Landscaping

Build a Unique Front Yard Landscape You Can Be Proud Of

Day or night, when you enter your driveway, you want to feel proud of your home. Over the years you may have focused on renovating your interiors, but now you’re looking for the outside of your home to represent you just as much as the inside. Exterior features like a front patio, cobblestone walkway, or outdoor lighting can offer a unique look in your neighbourhood and complement the architecture of your home.

We’ll help you renew your pride with a front yard landscape design that will improve your home's curb appeal and increase its value.

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Our Process for Your Front Yard Design

Phase 1: Consultation

Share your Vision

Tell us about your ideas for your front yard design, your preferences for style, and any unique features you would like to include. After reviewing your initial enquiry form, we will follow up with a phone call to learn more about creating your unique front yard.

Tip: Use our landscaping cost calculator to easily build your project and monitor your budget. Add the features and material you envision, and seamlessly attach the details of your project to your enquiry form.

Meet On-Site

After our initial phone conversation, we will meet at your home and discuss your plans in person. We will assess your space and provide you with a quote for a conceptual design, and structural design, depending on the complexities of your project.

Phase 2: Design

Discuss Design

After you sign-off on your design agreement and make a deposit on your project we will schedule a design consultation with you and our design team.

We will refine design details for your project and return to your home to take site measurements. Next we will research all zoning requirements and limitations in your area, before getting started on your initial draft. This stage generally takes 1-4 weeks to complete.

Presentation and Approvals

Before meeting with our team to review your initial draft, you will be sent your design to review and prepare feedback. We will present your draft and work with you to fine-tune your design.

After implementing your feedback and finalizing the draft, we will create detailed landscape drawings. These drawings will include all labelling and material selections. Finalization generally takes 1 week to complete.

Phase 3: Construction

Permit Process and Drawings

Before we begin your front yard renovation, the final step in preparing your project is acquiring permit drawings. Permit drawings are completed by structural engineers, to ensure building standards are met. This stage generally takes 3-5 weeks to complete.

Front Yard Renovation Begins!

We are ready to begin creating your modern front yard! We will remain in close communication with you throughout your renovation to answer any questions and address any concerns. In a few weeks, you will pull up to your property, and feel a renewed sense of pride in your home.



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We’ve Helped Hundreds of Customers

“Our project with Royal Decks and Landscapes consisted of a complete redesign and update of our front and backyards (landscaping, paving of driveway, large stone patio, and 2-level PVC deck). Throughout all phases of the project, Royal Decks was an excellent company to work with.”

— S. Wong Markham, ON


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