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• Experience the Ultimate Backyard Upgrade with ICF Concrete Pools in Toronto and Surrounding Areas!

Welcome to Royal Decks and Landscapes, a premium landscape company specializing in creating backyard oases for our customers. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their lifestyle and preferences are reflected in their backyard design. With almost 20 years of experience serving the Toronto area, we have created countless showcase backyards. We take pride in providing uncompromised customer service, workmanship, creativity, and a seamless process.

What Kind of Pools Do We Specialize In? We only install the best pools - ICF (insulated concrete forms) concrete pools.

What Makes ICF Concrete Pools the Best?

  • ICF concrete pools are extremely durable, as they are entirely constructed with concrete.
  • These pools are insulated, which lowers your heating bill and extends the pool season - a crucial benefit in the Toronto area.
  • The interior of the pool can be finished with tile, plaster, or liner to fit everyone's preferences and budget.
  • They can be fully customized to meet your specific needs.

What is the Process of Getting a Pool With Us?

  • The first step is to meet and discuss your requirements, budget, and timeline.
  • If all parties agree and the design stage is approved, we can start on the design work.
  • The design process typically takes about 4-8 weeks, depending on the time of year and complexity of the design.
  • When the design is finalized, we can start pricing your project, which may take 1-4 weeks depending on the complexity of the project.
  • After your project is approved, we can put you in queue for installation, which can take anywhere between 2-6 months depending on the time of year.

We currently work in Toronto and surrounding areas, including North York, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Vaughan, Woodbridge, and others.

Contact us to get started on creating your backyard pool oasis!



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