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Almost all of us know how much an interior renovation could cost or at least have an idea. But when it comes to exterior renovation like outdoor structures and landscaping most of us draw a blank. How much does a swim spa cost to install, what about hardscape and tree planting, repair a standing water issue, a gazebo, water feature or deck? We find most homeowners haven't done this type of work so some have no idea about budgets needed.

There are a few ways to approach planning a new project but here are two ways that seem like the go-to ways homeowners start, but one is better than the other. The first approach is design and then budget and then there is budget and then design. Let’s take a closer look.



Design, and then budget

Having the design concept spearhead the project is certainly a way to infuse the spirit into the project, and really get’s the inspiration juices flowing. It’s a great place to start thinking and contemplating what you want to see as you step out to your backyard and how you want to use the space including things you need. Maybe this is the year for the pool you’ve been wanting, and a cabana with outdoor shower, a shaded pergola, outdoor kitchen and fireplace, because you have the space to accommodate it all, question is can your budget accommodate it.


This approach can be inaccurate, and, in some cases, it could lead to over dreaming and having to scale back from your initial design you envisioned which is never fun. Good thing though is you get to imagine the full potential of your backyard and maybe your project can be done but in phases. Something more financially manageable.



Budget, and then design

Most of us have limits, as in financial ones and determining the budget you have to spend first usually sees the project actually become reality instead of a one of these days project. So, the question is how to arrive at a budget? Do your homework, you can start on our budget tool on our website or give us a call and we can help. We know a lot about the design and build of an array of project scenarios as is front steps redo to full blown makeovers of the entire property in all budgets and work with phasing larger projects. Your outdoor and landscaping are major investments and can be enjoyed by every property owner for years to come.