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You’ve gone through Pinterest, magazines and Instagram, your friends’ backyards, and cottages. You're ready to work on your own backyard, you’ve got a lot of ideas and you're thoroughly inspired. A landscape design contributes significantly to the process of a backyard renovation, it’s where to start if you’re not looking for regrets. It incorporates an aesthetic layout with the location of design elements which visually provide context, making sure everything works in your backyard space while achieving flow, beauty, and usefulness.


Creating a landscape design evokes thought and conversation and yes sketching things out, working with our climate and how far your budget will take you. The design will be important, it makes all thedifference in your backyard lifestyle and if you don’t have a backyard lifestyle, a good design will create one for you. Determining locations of hardscapes, softscape, materials and textures all playing a part in the experience and result