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Decks have come a long way in last 10 years with not only material options available, but also perception of the deck. Decks are no longer viewed as just a means to BBQ and to get down to the ground, but as an extension of inside of the house. Many people will resort to transforming their backyard into ultimate backyard oasis rather than getting a cottage. Decks have to be designed to be inviting, need to accommodate several usage areas and most people will opt out for low maintenance decking.

There are several things to consider when thinking about building a deck:

  1. Location of the deck is important when considering sun exposure, privacy and shape of the house. Be sure to take all of these aspects into consideration when deciding which way you want your deck seating arrangements to be facing. Some people will enjoy sun more and some shade.
  2. Size of the deck is very important. Building a deck that is unnecessarily too large or too small can be a critical mistake. Sometimes it's wise to consider deck options such as areal structures with retractable awnings, rather than making the deck too large. The number of deck areas will determine the size of the deck. Do you want dining area, lounging area or perhaps a bar area? All of these areas will need enough space around them.
  3. Cozy feel on the deck can be ruined by lack of privacy. There are many different ways to achieve privacy for your backyard deck, such as lowering it to the ground, adding greenery around deck or using drapes or privacy screens. The options for privacy screens are almost endless. You can use traditional wood privacy screens or you use decorative stone veneer walls clad with composite materials.
  4. One of the most common questions when building an outdoor deck is: What material should I use? While there is no lack of options, the vast selection can be overwhelming. Do you want natural look of deck but don't want maintenance? There are many low maintenance deck options to look at. It is important to select a brand that is trusted as many manufacturers went out of business in the past or keep changing their products. Avoid these. It is best to talk to a deck professional about what products they have the best experience with.

Putting a deck design together that is both stunning to look at and functional can be a difficult task. We at Royal Decks have many years of experience in designing and building a custom deck retreats and can design the deck of your dreams. By using our deck design tool, we can offer you a 3D visualization of what the deck will look like before we build it.

Give us a call at 905 901 3560 to set up a complimentary in home consultation or visit our extensive portfolio of images of decks we’ve built for other clients for more ideas.