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Ipe Decks & Hardwood Decking

Ipe is a type of hardwood that comes from Brazil. Due to its strength and hardness, ipehardwood decking is a very popular choice for all manner of decking project. Ipe wood decking is quickly becoming a favourite material of architects, builders, and homeowners, mainly because of its high level of quality and flexible application. Most notably, ipe decking offers:

  • Air dry properties that make it resistant to wear from outdoor moistures
  • Knot-free, clean aesthetics
  • Longevity ( ipe hardwood decking can be expected to last up to 50 years! )

Furthermore, ipe hardwood decking is far less maintenance intensive than other wood deck options. While not required, we recommend oiling the deck once a year. Unlike other wood decking materials, you can apply a new coating on top of ipe decks without having to sand off the old coat; in fact, it is actually better to keep the old coat intact, as the new coat penetrates deeper with each application and eventually reduces the amount of oiling required.

Installing Ipe Decking

Ipe decking requires professional installation, as the material is not easy to work with. That said,most commonly, ipe hardwood decking is installed using ipe clips and grooved ipe boards, which with the help of an experienced builder, the finished product provide unparalleled beauty and value.

are glued down to keep the wood tightly attached to the framing and prevent future movement. The ends are then sealed with wax sealant in order to prevent moisture loss and minimize split end cuts. These steps ensure that the finished product is long-lasting and low maintenance.

If you desire a beautiful deck that requires very little maintenance, ipe hardwood decking maybe the perfect choice. Call ROYAL Decks Co. at 1-866-399-4616 to learn more about our ipe decking products and installation services.

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