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Above Ground & Inground Swimming Pool Deck Plans & Builder

Are you looking to spruce up your outdoor oasis with an above ground pool deck, or a pool deck for your inground pool? Look no further than ROYAL Decks Co. We have a wealth of experience building custom swimming pool decks for satisfied clients across the GTA. We will help you create the ultimate backyard getaway that allows you to enjoy your pool throughout the summer season. When you choose ROYAL Decks Co. as your pool deck builder, you can expect:

  • Great design
  • Unparalleled build quality
  • An on schedule build that’s within budget
  • Industry leading warranty
  • Insured, bonded work

Above Ground Pool Decks

While an above ground pool provides a place to take a delightful summer dip, it can be quite an eyesore sitting in your backyard. It can also be difficult to enter and exit, particularly for children. Above ground pool decks eliminate both of these problems, providing a beautiful, practical lounge space in your backyard that also levels with the top of the pool for easy entrance and exit.

ROYAL Decks Co. offers custom above ground pool deck plans that incorporate elements of your backyard to achieve a unique look that perfectly suits your outdoor space.

Pool Decks for Inground Pools

Stone is the most common choice for poolside areas, but pool decks for inground pools are quickly becoming more popular. At ROYAL Decks Co., we’ve completed a variety of custom built swimming pool decks that clients love for their beauty, wear and slip resistance, and unique design. And, with a myriad of colour and material options, you can build a deck around your pool that is truly personalized for your outdoor space.

If you desire an above ground pool deck, or a pool deck for your inground pool, contact ROYAL Decks Co. today. We are the GTA’s most trusted pool deck builder, and can help you build the custom deck of your dreams!

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